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Laurel County Corrections - London, Kentucky
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Frequently Asked Questions - Expand All Hide All

Can I send an inmate a message?

The jail cannot pass phone calls or phone messages to the inmates. Inmates have generous access to the phones. You will have to wait for the inmate to contact you.

How can I get money to an inmate?



You can place money on an inmate's account either via web at www.telmate.com or here at the facility on the kiosk. You must use cash or credit card. Fees may apply.

How do I send mail to an inmate?


To send mail to an inmate, please use the following address:

Inmate Name

206 West 4th Street

London, KY 40741

Mail must be on standard paper and not have any discrepancies on it. No marker, cologne, perfume, stickers or any other foreign substance. The envelope will be disposed of so return addresses need to be written on the letter.

How do I sign out an inmate's property?


To sign out an inmates property, you must come to the facility and present identification. The owner of the property must then confirm they want to sign their property out to you. Clothes the incarcerated wore in may not be signed out, only safe property and excess property.

How many pictures can an inmate have


An inmate may receive 2 photos at a time. Photos must be tasteful and of reasonable size and may not be altered in any form

I know someone who is being booked in, now what?



Each new inmate will be entitles to two free five minute phone call upon intake. All additional calls must be collect or through their inmate account on Telmate.

They will see pretrial within 24 hours of their intake. The pretrial officer will contact the judge and set the inmates bond according to their criminal history and security risk. They will then remain in custody until the bond is posted or their arraignment court date. The court dates for arraignment are as follows:

  • Monday- 11:00 AM
  • Wednesday- 9:00 AM
  • Friday- 9:30 AM


If the inmate is in custody and attends their arraignment at the facility, they must first wait for a docket to come back from the clerk's office verifying their bond/ sentence before they are released.

When can I visit an inmate?


Visitation is offered 7 days a week between 8:00 AM and 10:30 PM. You must first register a profile on the kiosk and present an ID. Visits must be scheduled 6 hours in advance. Inmates are allotted two free local 30 minute visits per week. For more information visit our visitation page on our website.